The perfect synthesis of IoT and retail

Next Generation Tracking & Retail-Analytics

KINEXON System Overview

Cutting-edge sensor network meets smart software


KINEXON provides two Radio Frequency (RF) technologies in one solution:

1/ Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for precise localization and navigation
Continuously track the position, motion and status of shopping carts, baskets and assets with the small KINEXON Tags. The KINEXON Anchors capture the position with an unprecedented accuracy of a few centimeters and process the data in real-time.

2/ iBeacon/Bluetooth technology for smartphone communication
Communicate and interact with customer smartphone via integrated iBeacon/Bluetooth capabilities of  KINEXON Tags.


Position and motion data is the key to a new suite and quality of analytics. Integrate data from additional sources to enrich position and motion data with further context. KINEXON offers standardized interfaces, for example for the integration of POS data, promotional calendars, staff management systems or whether information. Taken together, this data provides a powerful base to analyze and anticipate customer behavior. For example, the association between position and POS data provides you with insight, how the customers journey through a store translates into conversions, i.e. goods bought.

Analysis & Predictions

Analyze the aggregate data and use the resulting insights to make optimizations, for example with regards to the store layout and product presentation. Apply real-time statistics such as heatmaps, customer journeys and conversion rates to understand customer behavior.

Know things before they happen and automate your work processes. Make predictions, for example with regards to the prospective queue length and open new queues – automatically triggered and just in time for an optimal customer experience.

Visualization & Communication

Learn & improve: Benefit from the real-time access to statistics, analytics and predictions that can be presented in various formats such as dashboards, customized reports or real-time notifications.

Optimize your staff management & operations: Address  your staff automatically and just-in-time, for example if you want to open a new queue.

Get in touch with the customer, just when you can influence his buying behavior the most: Foster mobile customer engagement. Use the possibility of realtime customer interaction based on the iBeacons that are integrated into the shopping cart. Customer position and the underlying analytics ensure that you address the customer in the right context.


The Heart of our High-Precision System

The KINEXON sensor captures and communicates centimeter-accurate 3D-position and motion data. Through standardized interfaces, the sensor can integrate add-on data from surrounding devices and communicate the data in real-time to the network. A very prominent example of this ability is the the integrated iBeacon, that allows a two-way communication between the sensor and the smartphone of a customer. Once a cart/basket is equipped with the sensor, it can easily communicate with the customer and interact with the user’s eco system.

The sensor is easily attached to shopping carts and baskets. Being smaller than a matchbox and only weighing 15g, the sensor can be attached to a countless number of objects. Due to the small size of the sensor and the simple mounting, various placement options are possible.


Quickly Scalable Reference Points

If you compared the KINEXON solution to GPS, the anchors would correspond to the satellites. They serve as reference points that are positioned around the required area in order to span a space, in which positions can be measured and communication can be handled. They send and receive signals from the utilized sensors and pass the information to the base. The battery powered anchors don’t depend on Ethernet cables and enable a mobile and flexible system use. This allow to cover large areas with the solution in very short time. The corresponding quick and easy setup process leads to low installation costs and short installation times.

KINEXON Software

Smart Software Application

The intuitive and extendable KINEXON retail analytics application transforms big data into meaningful and smart data. All relevant retail applications, from system setup to visualization and analysis, can be mapped and managed on the KINEXON software. Presented in a simple, manageable, and clear user interface, smart KPIs help you to optimize your process quality, costs and time. Use real-time data for instant insights and exploit the seamless connectivity to additional devices such as mobile phones. For visualization and communication purposes, the software offers dashboards, maps, customized reports, predictive analytics, real-time notifications, and customer interaction tools. Through APIs, the data ca also be easily integrated into existing IT solutions.


Learning, Planning, Realization & Support

We offer a wide range of services that help you to get to know the solution and master the start into a new era of retail analytics. These services include for example to option to test the solution during a certain period in your stores and discuss the results at the end of the project. Moreover our team offers full service when it comes to scheduling and realizing installations in any number of stores. On demand, we can also develop customized analytics and interfaces that help you to get the most out of the solution. Of course, once the solution is installed we offer a wide range of services in terms of maintenance & support.

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