KINEXON: Revolutionizing data analytics in industries

Many applications require tracking solutions that are precise, but at the same time affordable and small. Kinexon offers such a precision tracking solution that meets these needs perfectly. The Kinexon sensors use the latest space technology to track the positions of individuals and objects with centimeter accuracy. Its app, a secure cloud-computing platform with a smart analytics application, transforms big sensor data into valuable information in real-time.

In the interview with AZO – Space for Innovation, our Founder & Managing Director Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink talks about the challenges of starting-up a new business idea, the space roots of Kinexon, and its future potential. Given the fact that information about the position, movement and the status of objects, people, robots, etc. will be key for the majority of IoT applications, the sky is the limit for Kinexon.

Read the full interview here:

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