Measure, analyze & improve shopper movement and conversion

About in-store analytics

Smart decisions are based on a reliable data foundation. With our retail analytics solution we help you to understand the customer and his behavior. Based on our privacy-conform tracking solution you will get profound insights into the customer journey and the buying processes. The results will enable you to to understand how to drive customer traffic, control customer journeys and translate traffic into conversion. Altogether this information is the key to maximize sales and profitability and optimize customer satisfaction.

How it works

The KINEXON Sensor tracks all carts and baskets in your store. Based on this information you can precisely capture the customer traffic and the respective path of each customer. By linking the path of a shopper with the his POS data (checkout information about actual products bought), you will see how the customer flow translates into conversion and thus into sales & profitability. Based on this understanding you can optimize store layouts, display placements & the way you present your products. Adding further sources of add-on data will give you the opportunity to get a more and more complete understanding of how to affect customer traffic, customer journeys and conversion rates. The analytics will also provide you with a very differentiated picture, since you will also be able to identify different customer types, that vary by their shopping behavior.

Our Data

What we deliver

Number of shoppers
by shopping cart/basket

Engagement duration:
Engagement and bounce rate

Customer journey:
Shopping path

Movement pattern:
Speed, dwell times, distance covered

e.g. Heatmap

Time-series & shopper type analysis:
Identify trends and characteristic shopper types

How does this benefit your business?


Compare & optimize performance across stores, areas, and regions.

  • Benchmark stores within an area, a region or even comapny-wide
  • Determine leaders and low performers among stores
  • Identify reasons for varying performance & find ways for performance enhancement

Layout Optimization

Translate knowledge about customer journeys into improved store layouts.

  • Use store specific insights to identify the optimal floor layout and product placement
  • Determine frequented and non-frequented areas
  • Test and tweak layouts based on performance data, such as traffic by section, concentration (e.g. heatmaps), and conversion by section
  • Identify revenue maximizing paths & patterns

Marketing Efficiency

Understand the impact of your marketing campaigns and increase their effectiveness.

  • Measure the impact of campaigns on traffic, conversion and composition of basket/cart
  • Get a better understanding of your sales drivers and identify the right media
  • Account for regional, demographic and temporal differences

Display Effectiveness

Measure and analyze the impact of in-store displays.

  • Analyze display specific customer traffic, such as number of shoppers, concentration, and dwell time
  • Identify hot and cold spots. Identify top or flop spots within your store and therefore determine location-based promotion prices
  • Determine also product groups based on dominant customer groups

Staff Planning

Align staff to customer demand and ensure an appropriate service quality.

  • Understand cyclicality at any time by hour, day, week, and year
  • Predict the traffic based od historic position & ID-data
  • Optimize customer to staff ratio and ensure an appropriate service level for your customers

Fraud Detection

Reduce theft of shopping carts/baskets as well as of articles by geofencing.

  • Define forbidden zones for your assets
  • Track exit routes and identify unpaid carts that use wrong exit gates
  • Inform your security staff through real-time alerts, when a cart/basket or article exits its intended zone
  • Reduce number of stolen shopping carts by defining forbidden zones

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