Customer Interaction

Context sensitive communication in real-time

About customer interaction

Talk to the customer when you are most likely to affect his decisions! Online stores follow this principle. They observe the customers’ behavior and directly react whenever an interaction makes sense. For example they address customers with vouchers once a customer seems to be indecisive whether to buy a product or not. This is often measured by the time that he spent on a product website. Stationary retail did not have this opportunity since there was no systematic way to observe customer behavior and react accordingly.

KINEXON goes one step further in the digitization of the stationary retail. With KINEXON, the shopping cart becomes smart. It becomes more than just a piece of metal, it will be the real-time communication centre between the customer and the stationary retailer. In the future, the shopping cart has the option to communicate with the smartphone of the customer and interact with its surrounding. This will lead to additional sales and profits for the retailer as well as a higher satisfaction of the customer.

How it works

The customer interaction feature is powered by the KINEXON sensors and anchors that have an integrated iBeacon functionality. This will enable and intelligent communication with the customer. Due to the fact, that the Sensors alway know their exact position and the path of the customer, they can provide location- & context sensitive information to the customer.This information includes, for example, customer navigation, interactive shopping lists and location-based real-time offers. If, For example, the sensors registeres that a shopper stays a long time in front of a pasta shelf it could be a good idea to provide him with a coupon for wine – just a few seconds before he passes by the wine shelf. It has been shown that a higher context sensitivity leads to higher conversion rates an thus to more sales & profits.

Our Data

What we deliver

Exact position of the cart and knowledge about the covered path

Navigation capability for guidance through the store / to specific products

Integration of
cash desk data

iBeacon functionality for real-time communication with smartphones

How does this benefit your business?

Customer Guidance

Navigate your customer through your shop.

Finding the right articles of the shopping list is always time consuming and annoying for the customer. Navigate the customer through your shop to the intended articles. This is possible due to the high-precision capability of the KINEXON location sensing solution. Customer guidance allows a positive shopping experience & increases the customer loyalty.

Real-Time Advertising

Enable location- & context-based real-time advertising.

With KINEXON, you know exactly in front of which product your customer is currently located. Use the information about the position & motion of the customer to send location- & context-based offers to the smartphone of the customer. Increase sales and profit of your retail stores with intelligent customer interaction.

App Integration

Integrate new services into your app.

Increase the number of services included in your retailer app based on new insights about the customer. For instance, a new service might be interactive shopping list navigation. Connect the interactive shopping list of the customer on the smartphone application with KINEXON position & motion analytics and guide the customer to his desired products in the store. Other services include, for example, cooking recipes and customer-type based offers.

Customer Loyalty program

Set shopping incentives to maximize success.

Retailers are facing enormous competition. Customer loyalty is the result of consistently positive emotional experience & customer satisfaction. Facilitate & improve the shopping experience of your customers with the possibilities that position, motion, and add-on data deliver. As a result, increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

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