Real-Time Queue Management

Create the best possible checkout experience.

About queue management

A major obstacle to the positive shopping experience of the customer are long waiting times at the cash desk.  They are the most frequent reason for customer dissatisfaction in retail stores. Currently, an additional cashier is called when the queue is already very long. Until the cashier arrives the  waiting time has even increased which fuels the frustration of the customer. KINEXON live queue management creates the best possible checkout experience to maximize sales conversion and customer satisfaction.

How it works

KINEXON offers a comprehensive solution, to eliminate long waiting times at the cash desk. Based on customer traffic and the respective journeys in the store we  use machine learning algorithms to predict the number of customers and the respective number of goods in the cart/basket. This enables us to derive predicted waiting times in advance. With the real-time forecast of the checkout time, peak loads can be avoided and checkouts can be opened or closed in time. Cashiers can be informed in advance. As a result, uniform service levels can be implemented throughout the company in terms of maximum waiting time. Altogether, this creates the best possible checkout experience to maximize sales conversion and customer satisfaction.

Our Data

What we deliver

Number of open lanes

Estimated queue length

Predicted waiting time

Abandonment rate

How does this benefit your business?

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Reduce waiting time for customers at the cash desk.

Sophisticated algorithms can predict the projected waiting time by modeling the queue, shopping and arrival times for different time horizons. Reduce waiting time for customers and contribute to a positive shopping experience and a maximum customer resilience.

Real-Time Service-Level-Management

Realize a company wide, uniform service level.

The customer flow and the queues/cash desks can be managed in real-time – not just in one store but in every store of your organization. This enables the realization of a company wide service level that you can also communicate as a promise to your customers. With our solution, you also get live service feedback about the fulfilment of a uniform service level in your stores.

Stuffing Optimazition

Allocate resources efficiently.

Align staff to customer demand and ensure an appropriate service quality. Get instant queue related insights like length, waiting time, and open lanes to adjust your personnel efficiently according to the work load at the cash desk.

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