Maximize sales & profitability.
Create a new customer experience.


Maximize sales & profitability.
Create a new customer experience.


Make retailers more successful through the Digitization of stationary retail stores

Online retailers know every step and click of their customer. By understanding this behavior they optimize the approach to customers conversion. At Kinexon we believe that stationary retailers should have access to equal instruments and chances. This will make stationary retailers as fast, smart and automated as online retailers and in the end lead to more sales, increased profits and higher customer satisfaction. In line with this belief, our mission is to digitize retail stores for optimized operations and increased shopper insight, engagement and value. To accomplish this mission, we have developed a next generation IoT solution for unprecedented retail analytics and value creating in-store insights. The solution enables a precise tracking & smart analysis of customers, carts, baskets and assets.


How to improve shopper insights, engagement and value


The fundament for optimization & informed decisions: Measuring, analyzing and visualizing cart/basket movements and determining store specific performance indicators.

Queue Management

Bye, bye queues! Welcome new shopper experience! Customer tracking and queue predictions for optimal checkout openings and automated queue management.

Customer Interaction

Real-time customer engagement: Enabling a new customer experience through personalized & context sensitive content, recommendations and offers on mobile devices.

The KINEXON Solution: How it works

The Internet of Things meets stationary retail

Our solution works quite easily. Small Sensors are attached to carts, baskets and assets. The Sensors measure the position, motion and orientation of the cart within the store with an unprecedented accuracy of just a few centimeters. This information is transmitted to the KINEXON software platform. Beyond position and motion, the platform can integrate data from various other sources – including data from POS systems or staff management systems. The smart platform is able to analyze all incoming data and make predictions in real-time. The outcome can be communicated and visualized in various forms, including, for example, dashboards, maps, notifications, reports or offers on the customer’s mobile device.

iBeacon Compatibility


Create a new customer experience through interaction! The KINEXON Sensor that is attached to the cart has included an iBeacon that lets you easily communicate with the customer’s smartphone. Due to the fact, that the KINEXON sensor knows the position of the cart and basket with centimeter accuracy, you can always use the current context of the customer to address him with an adequate message. This is important since it is known that context sensitive messages have a much higher conversion rate than non context sensitive ones. The iBeacon functionality opens the door to a number of applications such a real-time advertising or customer navigation. The sensor noticed that your customer spent time in front of a wine rack and you want to send him a coupon just a few seconds before he passes by the pasta rack? No problem with KINEXON!


Why you should use KINEXON


Unprecedented position accuracy (<10 cm) and robustness even in challenging indoor environments. It allows to track the position of carts/baskets with absolute rack precision. This enables an outstanding level of data quality.


The simple and scalable system setup allows us to easily handle installations over large areas and multiple stores in a quick and cost effective manner. Our technology ensures quick return on investment.


Quality of analytics and predictions that enable profound customer insights, higher customer engagement and increased shopper value – for example due to queue management.

Privacy Compliance

Since just the carts and baskets are tracked, the movements of customers are captured without violating their privacy or recording confidential data. Hence, no action is needed on the customers’ part for our solution to work.

Smartphone Connectivity

The networked shopping cart can communicate with the smartphone and offers functions such as navigation, interactive shopping lists, context-based shopping suggestions and customer type based real-time offers on the “shelf”.


Many smartphone users have deactivated their WiFi to save power. That is why WiFi based tracking solutions have the downside of a low coverage. The KINEXON approach to track carts and baskets leads to a much higher coverage and a more powerful database.

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